Father of the bride


Nothing highlights family dynamics like a wedding. Everyone will expect different levels of involvement in your big day and it can be tricky deciding who’s going to do what without hurting anyone’s feelings, including your own.

Dad can be particularly challenging. It’s an emotional time for fathers so you don’t want him to think his only involvement is walking you down the aisle and providing his credit card. We’ve put together a few dad worthy ways he can be involved in your wedding.

1. When considering how your dad can help, think about his interests. Is your dad a music buff? – if so he could help you book the band. Is he a foodie? – can he help with your wedding breakfast menu. Or does he know where all the best wine merchants are so can pick you out some great wines.

2. Many dads value a bargain and like to know you’re getting the most out of your money, so bring them along to supplier meetings to help you negotiate a great deal.

3. Ask dad to help you with those touching little details that make your day extra special. For example, can they source your something old from your late grandma? Or is there something they can pass down to the groom to wear on the wedding day?

4. The father-daughter dance is still a popular part of traditional, British weddings. Why not let dad choose the song you dance too.

5. As you get closer to the wedding days, you’ll find yourself running a lot of errands. Can dad help you with any of them?